As of February 28, 2023 I will no longer be available in Nisku for acupuncture treatment. I did not renew my lease with In Balance Family Chiropractic. Starting March 1, 2023, I will only be available at my Edmonton clinic location Tuesdays to Saturdays 10am to 8pm.

The decision to discontinue with a commercial location was based on economics. The overhead of having a lease payment along with the logistics of trying to be in two places at once left me with high expenses. Debts from starting up a business and going to school were not shrinking, so I made a decision to lower my expenses without overly increasing my fees. By seeing clients out of my home-based clinic, my expenses are immediately lower.

I am fortunate enough to have a home with a separate space and entrance to effectively have a home-based clinic. Everyone who comes to my home clinic, always comments how clean, warm and welcoming my clinic is. In the summer, clients enjoy the pond views and my backyard gardens which truly enhances the treatment experience. You get to see the row of hostas (my favorite plant), which became the name of my clinic.

You will still get the same level of service you received at the Nisku clinic, but it is a bit further drive into Edmonton. It is relatively easy to get to off of Anthony Henday Drive and 50th Street. Take a right off the

overpass to Mill Woods Road. Turn right on Mill Woods Road East and follow it along to 16A Avenue. Turn right and follow along to 33 A Street. Turn left and the house is in the corner. Look for the sandwich board sign and park on the driveway. Come down the outside stairs to the back garden to the back door which is the clinic entrance.

I have notified all my clients that have seen me in Nisku via letter that their files are being moved and will stay secure for the next 10 years and then will be appropriately destroyed. I would love it if all my Nisku clients would continue to see me at my home clinic but I do understand if they choose not to travel into the city. I appreciate the support that the people of Leduc, Devon, Beaumont, and Leduc County have given me over the last two years.

Yours in health,


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