In November 2020, I wrote and passed the national licensing exams. I registered with the College of Acupuncturists of Alberta and finally received my official license to practice acupuncture in Alberta at the end of January 2021. Hosta Lane Acupuncture’s website went live and I proudly started advertising my new business on social media and via my friends and family.
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Many acupuncturists use the inspection of the pulse and tongue as a means to assess the health and gather clinical information about the patient. They are part of the four diagnostic methods used during clinical examination, and are often referred to as the “Four Pillars”.
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Why did I become an acupuncturist?

Years ago I was an unhappy, miserable person who hated getting up and going into work everyday. I didn’t want to be there and couldn’t leave. I was tired, depressed, and angry. I overate and drank regularly to numb my brain and I wanted to sleep all the time. I had no joy in my life.
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Does Acupuncture hurt?

Generally speaking, acupuncture should not be painful. You may feel a dull ache, perhaps a feeling of electricity or tingling, a sensation of heat or cold, or it may just feel strange. Sometimes you can feel Qi running up or down the body or a limb.
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In ancient China, the theory of Yin-Yang was used for observing and analyzing the material world. It was a philosophy that these ancient scholars developed, providing them the means to describe and generalize two opposite principles which they observed within their world, and applied this theory to both natural and medical sciences.
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