At Hosta Lane Acupuncture, all are welcome. I will do my very best to create a safe, welcoming treatment space. I take care to ensure that you feel comfortable by keeping you appropriately covered and by maintaining your privacy by stepping out of the room while you are getting dressed or undressed. I tell you what I am doing during treatment, so that all my contact with you is appropriate and not unexpected.
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In Traditional Chinese medicine, one cannot differentiate physical suffering from psychological, emotional or spiritual suffering. In classical texts, they say a superior doctor will treat the spirit first and the body will follow.As an acupuncturist, treating psycho-emotional pain is common. Our approach of looking at ones Essence, Qi, and Spirit – known as the Three Treasures – is to restore balance and harmony to the mind and body and to help those who are suffering. Pathology in the body means that something is unbalanced.
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