As another year comes to a close, it’s natural to take a moment to review this year. Things have been up and down in our economy and inflation has taken its toll on all of our pocketbooks. The cost of living has gone up, and as a small business owner I’m left making a decision about my treatment rates.

When I began in January 2021, I didn’t want to overcharge and charge as much as an acupuncturist with years of experience. I chose the price of $80 as it seemed reasonable and respectful to my colleagues, yet not undermining of my own worth and abilities. Now thanks to you who have chosen me as your acupuncturist and allowed me to be a part of your health journey, my experience and confidence have grown these past two years.

If I could stay at $80 per treatment, I would, but my expenses are increasing as well. Therefore January 1, 2023, I am raising my rates to $90 per treatment. If you would like to save $10 on your next treatment in 2023, book now for January 2023 before December 31st, 2022, and you will get your appointment at 2022 prices.

I have some other exciting things in the works for January 2023 for my clients to aid in their healing and journey towards improved health. I look forward to sharing this development with you soon.

I am honoured by those who have come to me for acupuncture treatment this past year at both the Edmonton and Nisku clinic locations. I know there are many choices out there in the health services marketplace, and I hope that I have given you a value-added service. The 5 star reviews on Google and on the booking site, Setmore, are truly humbling when one is doing something that they thoroughly enjoy doing. I love being an acupuncturist, so thank you for allowing me to do what I love – helping people.

Yours in health,


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